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 Active Travellers

We were very active until Covid 19 hit our shores. However, we are now reliving many exciting overseas travel and of course travel within our own backyard here in New Zealand.   Left a selection of topics covered by group.


Talk on Travelling Australia on a bus

The Travel Group presentation to the main meeting in August 2021 featured topics on, a Gold Mining Holiday in Australia and a crazy bus trip that started in Western Australia.  The slide is of dolphins swimming very close to shore.

Active Travelers Main meeting talk Aug 2021

This members bus trip from the mining areas of Western Australia and across the Nullarbor Plains to Adelaide had aspects where their lives were in danger many times.  The driver was as crazy as Basil from Fawlty Towers.

Active Traveler Bernard

Bernard had the meeting in laughter when anecdotally reminiscing on the travel adventures in countries like Egypt and Russia.

In June the ACTIVE TRAVLLERS GROUP had a stand at the ‘Have a go’ day in the Heart of the Bays (community rooms) Browns Bay. Heather was there to share groups aspirations and to solicit potential new U3A members. 

Active Travellers
Alan Thompson Talk

In this session we travel to Tibet with Alan Thompson - a trip he did in 1983 when tourism there was unknown and very few Westerners travelled there!

Active Travellers talk

Group meets once a month in the Community Centre Browns Bay at 10am on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Active Travellers Members

Some of the Active Travellers group