Lee Chisolm

February 2020  Main Speaker: Lee Chisholm   "Knowing the Scams"   https://www.netsafe.org.nz/

Lee started at NetSafe in 2005 and has held a variety of roles. She has a background in counselling, mediation and management, and currently manages the contact centre staff dealing with online harm.

Since 2002 Netsafe has operated a contact centre answering a very wide range of queries on all sorts of online problems. Netsafe now has a contract with the Ministry of Justice to manage the civil process of Harmful Digital Communications
Act 2015.

Lee will cover the common problems Netsafe deals with like scams, online privacy and identity, and a little about online harassment and abuse. 

March 2020 Main Speaker:   Margaret Bowater


Why do we have dreams?
How do they relate to our life and health? What are the different kinds of dreams, visions and nightmares?
How can we take the sting out of nightmares?

Margaret Bowater is a long-experienced therapist, teacher and supervisor, who has specialised in dreamwork for 35 years. She has published two books, Dreams and Visions – Language of the Spirit (1997) and Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul – A Practical Guide to Dreamwork (2016), and led hundreds of dream workshops, in NZ and Australia. She is currently Secretary of the Dream Network Aotearoa-NZ, and is NZ’s Contact for the International Association for the Study of Dreams.