Ilona Rodgers, Actor

2000 -2007 Guest Speakers


Oct Margaret Peacock Public Affairs Manager,
"Auckland Airport"

Nov Dr Ann Dupuis
"Massey University Growth & Housing on the North Shore"

Dec Simon Rawlinson Sales co-ordinator
"Auckland Museum" 


Jan Lee Busby Parks Dept, North Shore city

Feb No meeting

Mar Donald Trott "New Zealand Opera"

Apr Ron Cometti "North Shore City Parks"

May Jennie McCormack Auckland Observatory –
“The sky over Auckland by night”

Jun John Robson C.E.O "Kelly Tarlton’s Sea World -
How it was all achieved”

Jul Dr. Ian Smith Geology Dept – Auckland University. “Calculated risk – When will Auckland’s next
volcanic eruption be?”

Aug Rod Cornelius
"Early Musical Instruments"

Sep Professor Peter Jenkins
“Plankton – the pastures of the sea”

Oct AGM - No main speaker

Nov Prof Russell Stone "Maori history of Auckland"

Dec Cdr Larry Robbins "NZ National Maritime Museum" 


Feb Tim Round “Travelling Round”

Mar Glen Holland Research Officer for the Auckland Zoo – “Life in Africa”

Apr David Veart Archaeology Conservation Dept – “Fortifications of Devonport”

May Kirsty Russell Graduate Researcher, Auckland University “Hectors Dolphins

Jun Graham Murdoch [ARC] "Heritage Buildings of Auckland"

Jul Duncan Balmer "The History of the English People"

Aug Ashmiyai Gosai NIWA Climate Applications Scientist “Climate Forecasting and Applications”

Sep Richard Wilks "History of the Auckland Harbour Bridge"

Oct AGM – No main speaker

Nov Les Watkins Retired Senior Editor
“Fun, Fact and Fiction”

Dec Dr Alick Kibblewhite “Sounds in the Ocean” 


Feb Father John Webb “Travels in the Holy Land”

Mar George Port “The Fleshing of Tutankhamum”  #

Apr Dr. C. Scott-Baker Auckland University “Discovery and Conservation of Whales and Dolphins

May  K. Kuipers – ex Wellington Zoo “My Life with Animals”

Jun  George Port “The Fleshing of Tutankhamum” #

Jul  Peter Stewart [U3ABB] “The Raising of the Vasa”

Aug  Warwic Slyfield “The Perils of Acting”

Sep  Fenella Tonkin “Collectables and curiosities”

Oct  Alf Fisher "The continuing story"  + AGM

Nov  David Mauger “To the Antarctic with Shackleton”

Dec  C.F. Goldie Art – Master Forger

# Maybe they had this speaker twice?? 


Feb  Prof Chris de Freitas “The Myths of Global Warming”

Mar  Professor Russell Gray “The origins of the English Language”

Apr  Dr Michael Walker “Flying by a Nose – A bird’s Sixth Sense”

May  Lieut. Col. Louisa Parkinson “The Role of Women in the Modern Army”

Jun  Gerald Sharrock [World Banker] “Experiences in Banking around the World”

Jul  Robert Issell [Musician] “Join the L.S.O. and see the world - 30 years a Kiwi fiddler”

Aug  Dr Cathy Campbell – University of Auckland “Mars”

Sep  Wes Fieldhouse - University of Auckland “Art and Myth. Critic and Conscience”

Oct  Tony Siebel "Peanuts" + AGM

Nov  Albino Gola “Electrical and Magnetic Fields affecting health”

Dec  Dr David Saul University of Auckland “GE or not to GE – that is the question” 


Feb  Bryan Leyland – Energy consultant “Is nuclear energy an option for N.Z.’s futurepower supply

Mar  Weijun Collins, author of “The Desert Rose” living in China during the cultural revolution.

Apr  Barry Turley – “Your museum, what do you know about it?” [Barry was in charge of the major reconstruction project at the Auckland museum which cost some $60 million.

May  Graham Ford “The Role of a High Court Registrar” Graham spent 41 years working in the Courts and was Registrar of the Auckland High Court from 1989 until he retired in 2000. He is now registrar of the Supreme Court, Pitcairn Island and was there for the recent trails.

Jun  Chris de Freitas “Recent Developments in Global Warming Sciences” Chris is Associate Professor, School of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Auckland

Jul  John Bougen – author of “My Dream, Listen to the Children” and holder of the world record for visiting 191 countries in 150 days.

Aug  Professor John Dunmore “Early French Explorers in the Pacific”

Sep  Peter Gilderdale “History of Calligraphy” Peter lectures in the school of Art and Design, Auckland University of Technology and is an expert in this ancient art.

Oct  Pat Armistead "Health: Misery is Optional" + AGM

Nov  Chris Harris – “North Shore Public Transport Developments” 

Dec  Myfanwy van Hoffen [U3ABB] “Going badk to Zimbabwe”. 


Feb  Claire Vial – “Wild animal photography in Africa and her safari expeditions”. Claire is a zoologist and author of numerous non-fiction children’s books on animals.

Mar  Lisa Robinson “Neuro linguistic Programming”. School of Communication Studies, Manukau Technical Institute. This subject has been described as the most powerful mind technology for self change developed in the last 20 years.

Apr  Professor Raymond Millar is head of the Politics Department, Auckland University and will speak on “Merits and Demerits of N.Z. becoming a Republic”. He has written a book on “Future of the Monarchy”

May  Professor Paul Spoonley will talk on the likely social and demographic changes that lie ahead. His talk is called “The face of the future”. He is Regional Director, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Massey University

Jun  Mark McLauchlan will talk on the water and waste water supply in the Auckland region. He is Watercare Communications Manager and is talk is “Water, water everywhere but is it fit to drink?”

Jul   David Parr will talk on “The picture as a window”. David teaches the History of Art, Media Studies and Painting at Kings College and has been at Kings since 1986. He has a diploma in Fine Arts.

Aug  Professor Kathy Crosier, ONZM will talk on “Stem cells: Science, Medicine, Ethics and Politics” Kathy is professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Auckland.

Sep  Eric Kearney will talk on the history of the Civic Theatre. He was the Manager of the Civic from 1977 until its closure for renovation.

Oct  Franchelle Ofsoske-Webber
"Healing properties of Flowers and Plants; including Maori Traditions" + AGM

Nov  Frank Muller “The Penal origins of Australia” Frank spent 18 years as a teacher in NZ and overseas before going into the Foreign Service and has been a Diplomat for 20 years.

Dec  Right Hon Bob Tizard “A Lighter side of Parliament”  


Feb  Anne Rimmer “Tiritiri Matangi”

Mar  Constable Hermien Kok – Community Constable for Albany, Greenhithe and Paremoremo

Apr  Dr Scott Whineray [U3ABB} “Stop breathing and save Earth – a Hitchhiker’s Guide to Energy and Global warming. Scott has recently retired from 45 years in university physics, both lecturing and research. He has had an ongoing intense in energy generation and latterly in global warming.

May  Sylvia Durrant “The Bird Lady”. Sylvia cares for injured and lost birds.

Jun  Stewart Eadie, Cardiac Care Manager for the National Heart Foundation

Jul  Paul Taylor “Book and Archive Conservation” Paul is a British trained conservationist who worked at Canterbury Cathedral [UK] and was preservation Manager for Auckland City Libraries

Aug  Gerry Williams – Honorary Consul for Chile. Gerry spent 26 years as Hon Chilean Consul in Auckland. He is the largest Agritech exporter to latin America and a director for a number of trade organisations.

Sep  Dr John Reynolds – Author of “Uncommon Enemy” and “Wrting your First Novel”

Oct  Dr Johanna Montgomery – Neurobiologist – brain cell research.  + AGM

Nov   ??

Dec   ??