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Restorative Justice NZ

Talk Main Meeting:  Dr Winifred Murray

Subject:  Restorative Justice

Winifred is a qualified family court counsellor, professional supervisor and restorative justice facilitator. She was a preschool assistant and primary school teacher and has been involved in a voluntary capacity in governance/management roles in most of the organisations to which she has belonged. Since 1995, Winifred has been active in restorative justice work, starting out as a supervisor for members of the initial restorative justice group in Auckland. In 2001 she trained as a facilitator and has worked in three different provider groups. Thus, she has knowledge of the development of restorative justice as well as experience in how different provider groups respond to their different communities.

In 2012 Winifred graduated with a PhD in restorative justice. In her research: “An appreciative inquiry into effective practice for Aotearoa/New Zealand facilitators” Winifred conducted focus groups with facilitators in the northern part of New Zealand. Her thesis reports the expertise developed by facilitators themselves and has been consulted internationally. Winifred has always hoped that RPA would develop into an organisation that had real clout with Ministry of Justice and Resolution Institute, in order to negotiate with government and other appropriate agencies to support our present work and encourage further development for the benefit of the community.

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Overview of our Monthly Meetings
The two hour meeting is held on the first Tuesday morning of each month in Browns Bay. An invited speaker, expert in the field, informs, educates and entertains us. Our focus is Exceptional New Zealanders doing Exceptional Things in New Zealand. A wide range of current topics is covered and we are sometimes privy to information not yet released by the researchers to the public.

The second part of the meeting is provided by our U3A Special Interest Groups whose presentations have been identified as being of interest for the whole membership. A tea break provides the opportunity for members to mix and chat. Attendance at the main monthly meetings is optional. Members are required to attend one or more Special Interest Groups as this is where the active learning focus of the U3A philosophy occurs and long last friendships are made.

Sometimes the sessions are reversed to suit the Guest Speaker.