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U3A Browns Bay Inc formed in June 2000

Guest Speakers

Our focus is on Exceptional New Zealanders doing exceptional things

Fay Weatherly and Barbara Ellis

Talk Main Meeting: 6th July 2019 by Fay Weatherly [left]

The disappearance of MH370, the Malaysia Airlines Fay Weatherly is one of our outstanding members who has embraced U3A with enthusiasm and belongs to many groups. Before retirement Fay was Head of Mathematics at a large secondary school. Her passion for learning and research have
resulted in this highly recommended presentation.
Fay says at the U3A Browns Bay Puzzle group, we deal with all sorts of puzzles, mostly ‘man made’ such as mathematical puzzles, word puzzles and games. We are always keen to examine the methods that people use to solve puzzles. As I listened to a documentary on TV, I was struck by the methods used, the persistence shown and the ingenuity displayed in trying to solve the puzzle of the disappearance of MH370, the Malaysia Airlines fight that vanished 5 years ago. After a fair bit of research, which involved skirting around the abundant speculation and false news, I put together this talk. Although this is not my field of expertise, it does show a great aspect of U3A: we learn as much or more through the talks we give as the ones we listen to. 


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Overview of our Monthly Meetings
The two hour meeting is held on the first Tuesday morning of each month in Browns Bay. An invited speaker, expert in the field, informs, educates and entertains us. Our focus is Exceptional New Zealanders doing Exceptional Things in New Zealand. A wide range of current topics is covered and we are sometimes privy to information not yet released by the researchers to the public.

The second part of the meeting is provided by our U3A Special Interest Groups whose presentations have been identified as being of interest for the whole membership. A tea break provides the opportunity for members to mix and chat. Attendance at the main monthly meetings is optional. Members are required to attend one or more Special Interest Groups as this is where the active learning focus of the U3A philosophy occurs and long last friendships are made.