U3A Browns Bay Ukulele Group

UKULELE Wednesday Browns Bay

For Beginners, Learners, Pros and Accompaniments


We get together every Wednesday except school holidays at a local hall. We welcome new members from beginners to the more experienced. Guitar & Bass players are welcome.


Many are listed at the bottom of this webpage. Other Tutorials and group charts are sent to members of this group. To improve ones skills. it is desirable that members practice at least 5mins a day. 


The groups first meeting was held on the 26th February 2019 - The session was positively received and formulated this initial approach. Enquire to join above.

Ukulele Wednesday August 2022

Ukulele Wednesday Group

A feature of our meetings is having a special guest perform a song and lead the group with another favourite. 

The 10th August our special guest was Tim who played the electric bass on "Let it be" and then took us through the same song on Ukulele. Then everyone joined in with the George Harrison composition "Here comes the Sun". Garry and Tim played the Riffs in the song.

Ukulele Wednesday Sept 2022

Solo Performances

The group meets every Wednesday. Occasionally we have an on stage performance by individual members of the group. On the 7th Sept, Fay and John performed "Any dream will do" and 21st Sept Kath and Jinnty with
"There is a Tavern in the town". Fabulous individual performances. The historical context for each song from Fay and Jinnty added another perspective to the renditions. For the 28th Sept we had Lorraine and Ben leading the Max Merrit hit song "Slipping away".

Ukulele Wednesday June 2022

Special Guests 

Our guest for a June 2022 meeting was Seff who took us through the famous song "Pepeha" by the famous NZ Band Six60 with lyrics in English and Māori. This song, most NZ school children & teenagers will know as it is regularly performed.

Ukulele Wednesday August 2022

Special Guests 

The meeting of 27 July we had John and Michelle as our Special guests who performed "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles  with the rest of us singing the Chorus. Another Song they brought to the session was "Last thing on my mind."   Our last meeting in August we were blessed with sisters Lorraine and Maggie. Their solo Country style item was the 1957 song "Geisha Girl" originally by Frank Locklin. We joined in with their other choice, "Rhythm of the Rain"

Browns Bay U3A Ukulele Group

6 April performance 2021

Singing "You are my Sunshine"

Browns Bay U3A Ukulele Group April 2021

Ruth & Garry lead the first song April 2021

Singing "You are my Sunshine"

April 2021 performance of Ukulele Group

 Browns Bay Ukulele Group April 2021

Left to Right Kath, Margaret, Margaret

Ukulele Group Concert at the Sands - Browns Bay

Combined Ukulele Group December 2021

Christmas concert in Browns Bay

U3A Browns Bay Ukulele Group

U3A Ukulele Group - April 2021

Group leading with U3A audience choristers

U3A UKULELE GROUP - Roger Sings a verse in "Pub with no Beer"

U3A UKULELE GROUP - April 2021

Roger performing "Pub with no Beer"

Garry Ukulele Convener

Garry the Ukulele Group Convener   - Book an Invitation with the group >

Meetings held generally fortnightly around School Holidays.  Check llsted dates above.

Ukulele Group first Zoom meeting

Ukulele Group first Zoom meeting 27 March 2020

Two Ukulele Guests Pam from Wellington and Tim Torbay joined us at this session.

Ukulele Group 6th Zoom meeting

Ukulele Group 6th Zoom meeting April 2020

In meetings we have had two other Ukulele players joined us from Ponsonby & Gisborne U3A

Browns Bay U3A Ukulele Group

Christmas performance 2019

Waiting for the count in.

Browns Bay U3A Ukulele Group

Performed four songs

Front row Fay, Jinty & Gloria

End of year performance of Ukulele Group

 Browns Bay Ukulele Group

Christmas songs

U3A Ukulele Group and choristers

U3A Ukulele Group

with U3A audience choristers

U3A Browns Bay Ukulele Group

Group formed in Feb 2019

Everyone sang along

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A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”
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