Dr Ian Smith - Volcanologyst

February 2021  

Guest Speaker: Dr Ian Smith

"Living with Volcanoes"
On graduating with a degree in geology from Victoria University of Wellington, Ian Smith took up a job as volcanologist at the Central Volcanological Observatory in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. This was followed by a research fellowship at the University of Toronto in Canada studying some of the oldest volcanic rocks on the planet and their role in the formation of the Earth’s early crust. In 1980 Ian took up a teaching position at the University of Auckland where he remained until retirement.

The study of volcanoes and their eruptions has taken on renewed significance over the last 40 years as major eruptions around the world have impacted communities and disrupted patterns of human activity.

In parallel with that, there has been an extraordinary development of techniques focused on understanding of how volcanoes work and how the potentially dangerous impact of their eruptions can be mitigated. Ian’s research has focused on volcanoes of the ’Pacific rim of fire’ particularly the southwest Pacific islands and New Zealand.

Sheryl Coyle - Her India

March 2021

Guest Speaker: Sheryl Coyle
Title: India

Presentation by Zoom webinar from PowerPoint, with images of her India family connections. Sheryl covered in her talk, living conditions, family life, arranged and love marriages, transportation, life and customs, religion and tourism.

Professor Alison Jones

April 2021

Guest Speaker: Alison Jones

Title: This Pakeha life, an unsettled memoir
Professor Alison Jones speaking on her recent book “This Pakeha life, an unsettled memoir” which has received rave reviews and is about making sense of being Pakeha in our relationship with Maori.

Dr Richard Hursthouse

May 2021

Guest Speaker: Dr Richard Hursthouse

Dr Richard Hursthouse will be speaking on local environmental matters. Richard is a National Board member for Forest and Bird with a particular interest in Tuff Crater, as well as being chairman of both the Restore Hibiscus & Bays Steering Group and the Centennial Park Bush Society. Richard, who is also a GP, regularly sets aside days to help conserve native bush.

June 2021

U3A Browns Bay

July 2021

U3A Browns Bay

May 2021

U3A Browns bay

Peter Kammler

August 2021

Guest Speaker: Peter Kammler

Title: Electric Cars - Truly environmentally friendly or not?

The truth is, an environmentally friendly car would be difficult to find. At best, there are various degrees of unfriendliness.

Peter Kammler has a diploma in engineering, and he has worked at the engine development division of Mercedes-Benz.

Peter will give a quick historic view of the automobile’s propulsion systems. He will explain why the internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) has dominated our road transport for one hundred years, and why this dominance is now coming to an end.
Then, to help make decisions about the environmental footprint of a car, he will explain where exactly the energy goes. This includes both the fuel consumption and, not to forget, the energy needed to build the car.

Electric cars have merits but, unfortunately, even with our high proportion of electricity from renewable sources the electric car is not as environmentally harmless as one might assume.   

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