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First Meeting Inventors

This Special Interest Group - Inventors and Inventions had its first meeting 20 April 2010. On the left is the first group photo.   Most of our monthly meetings are held in the Community Centre Browns Bay. The Group also visits companies producing products with a degree of Invention.  From Speaker design, 3D printing, Aircraft building and Restoration, Vintage vehicles and Brewing. The group now has 17 members.  
February 2018 images below where Scott talked about Manuka Honey and F2 Milk.

Graham Hall - Speaker Inventor 2010

Graham Hall - Inventor

Our very first meeting at Grahams place with his flat diaphram speakers 2010.

Home made Aircraft under construction

Inventors Group 2011

Home made aircraft under construction.

The DH  mosquito WW2 Bomber

Mosquito WW2 Bomber 2011

This Mosquito  was rebuilt in Sth Auckland and now is  flying in the USA. 

Vintage Fire Eingine - Albany

Vintage Fire Eingine  2014


Vintage Cars - Albany

Vintage Cars 2014


Lion Brewery 2014

Lion Brewery 2014

Visit to see and taste the samples.