Art History Group 2022

 Art History Group 

May 2022 We are a group of people who enjoy art. We get together to learn more about art in its historical context. We do not follow a fixed programme; instead each member chooses topics of their own interest and presents them to the group. The art covered in our sessions ranges from old to contemporary, and includes painting, sculpture, architecture, ceramics and other decorative arts. Recent topics have included Tetsuya Ishida, a Japanese
surrealist painter; illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages; Pablo Picasso; Art Deco in Paris; and the local artist Claudia Cooper.

Art History Group 2021

April 2021   Penny ‘s interesting presentation was on the oil painting artist Claudia Cooper who was born in South Africa and settled in New Zealand in 1995. Her creative works converge on formal musings of the natural environment in abstract landscapes and explore stark contrasts between the Karoo desert in South Africa and that of the scenery of New Zealand. She used very vibrant colour in her works.

Art History Group

Different members present art history information, be it of paintings, ceramics, photography or from any other of the visual arts each month.

Aprils ZOOM Meeting Art History Group

April 9th 2020 ZOOM Meeting   

Patrica Smith Presentation

Art History group watching a presentation of paintings by different artists which represented Susanna and the Elders from the biblical story. It was presented by Patricia Smith. 

Meeting Art History Group

These images were not posed but photographed by Patricia and Gloria as people jumped up to comment on the pictures.

The topic was "Hokusai" Japanese woodcut artist - talk given by Fay. Helen is the convener of this group.

"Hokusai" Japanese woodcut artist

"Hokusai" Japanese woodcut artist