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Archaeology Nov 2013

November was this groups last meeting of  2013 which Garry and Gloria talked about the Archaeology finds from  sites and Museums in the Greek Cyclades Group of Islands. The figurines  of the 3000BC period were the main fascination of their visit to Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Delos and Mykonos.  The meeting ended with a pre  Christmas lunch.

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Rosemary's presentation was “PALEOLITHIC TO MISS PIGGY”. History of the Flute from ca 42,000 years ago to present day; was prompted by news reports last year about the carbon dating of several bone fragments found in different places in Europe indicating that Homo Sapiens had a culture which included music as far back as 42,000 years ago. The flute has since undergone many independent complex changes in countries including France, Greece, Egypt and China, which have ultimately produced a beautiful modern orchestral instrument related, via its key structure, to the clarinet. Illustrated by YouTube videos including one in the Divje Babe cave, Slovenia, where one of the bone fragments was found, and music played there on a reconstruction of that flute.