2023 Guest Speakers

February 2023    Meeting cancelled due to Cyclone damage to hall

John Rougham

March 2023 Guest Speaker: John Rougham 

Are news media today better or worse than they used to be?   This is the question he posed.
John described the changing ways in which journalists work today, the changes in the training and personnel of news media and the changed social environment in which they work, as well as the influence of the internet and social media on the content and financial sustainability of newspapers and on the role of opinion in news media today. At the meeting there was a free-ranging discussion on aspects of the media.

Sara Russ

April 2023  Guest Speaker: Sara Russ

 Formerly a preschool teacher, she realised that children were fascinated by bees when they brought hives to school. Sara started as a Swarm Catcher and this was a hobby. Now she is a full time educator on Bees and works for Lion Apiaries producing interactive presentations using video, sculptures and real bees.   

Stu Russell U3A Browns Bay speaker 2023

May 2023  Guest Speaker: Stu Russell

Something Interesting he discovered i Australia

Peter Thomson Guest Peaker U3A Browns Bay June 2023

June 2023   Guest Speaker:  Peter Thomson

Peter did one of the first student internships in the early days of The Icehouse which sparked his interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. He started out his formal career as a corporate lawyer at Russell McVeagh before moving to NZTE to help launch the Better by Design programme.

Peter's interest in technology and digital innovation led to working with a variety of advertising agencies and design firms in London, before heading to New York to work for an online investment startup.

When he returned to NZ in 2016, Peter worked for Snowball Effect, helping raise capital for Kiwi SME's before re-joining The Icehouse in 2019. 

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