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Chris Farrelly

August 2018  Main Speaker:    Chris Farrelly
Auckland City Mission

Chris Farrelly has been the CEO/City Missioner at the Auckland City Mission since June 1st, 2016. Chris has responsibility for managing the Mission’s extensive range of health and social services, which work to improve outcomes for Aucklanders living in desperate need. Advocating for the rights of clients and for social change is also an important part of his role.

Chris has a long history in health management, and prior to coming to the Auckland City Mission Chris had been CEO of Manaia Health PHO, in Northland for 13 years. Chris also spent 10 years working with a community development programme in a South Korean Slum.

Chris has a Master of Theology degree from Berkley, USA and a Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution from Massey University. 

Paul Spoonley

July 2018  Main Speaker:    Distinguished Professsor Paul Spoonley
The “New” New Zealand: A Super Diverse Auckland

Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley is the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University.
He has been involved in some major research projects on immigration and diversity in New Zealand, including Capturing the Diversity Dividend of Aotearoa New Zealand (2014-2020).
He is the author or editor of 27 books ranging from political extremism to the nature of work, and he was Ranginui Walker’s biographer (Mata Toa, Penguin).
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California Berkeley. 

Derek Firth

June 2018  Main Speaker:    Derek Firth      
"The Dilworth Legacy"
Dilworth is a boarding school for good boys from poor families who demonstrate the potential to become good and useful members of society.
The present roll is about 610 boys aged between 9 and 13 years.
All boarding and education is free. The present value of the endowment is about $850m of which the school assets comprise about $160m.
The original legacy was settled by the Protestant Irish settler, James Dilworth.

Michael Wynd

May 2018  Main Speaker:    Michael Wynd      
"Torpedo Bay – The Home of the Navy Museum”
The Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay is one of the three service museums in New Zealand and the only institution dedicated to the preservation of our navy’s and our nation’s naval and military history. As guardian of the institutional memory the museum plays an important role for the RNZN. The site has important naval connections to New Zealand’s history and the history of Devonport.  Michael Wynd has been the Navy Museum’s Researcher since 2007. He is responsible for conducting historical research for the Navy, the wider New Zealand Defence Force and the public.  He looks after the Research Library which contains the largest collection of naval history in New Zealand and manages an archive.  As a military historian, Michael’s research interests include naval history, the First World War and 19th century warfare.

Allie Downing

April 2018  Main Speaker:    Allie Downing "Hibiscus Hospice"      
"The Hospice Service and for Whom?”
Allie has now been with Hibiscus Hospice for three years. She tells us that this is the most rewarding role she has ever had the pleasure of holding. The “Hospice Hug” – our wrap-around services. By using a fictional family, Allie will share their Hospice journey in a way that will dispel commonly held myths and provide a better understanding of their services. Allie likens the wrap-around services Hospice provides to the “Hospice Hug” which better demonstrates their care of the total person from mind, body and spirit to the support of their family and loved ones.

Ros Giffney

March 2018  Main Speaker:    Ros Giffney "An Orchestra for Social Change"         
Now in its 7th year, Sistema Aotearoa is an independent Charitable Trust which began as a partnership between the APO and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. In 2018 almost 400 children aged between 6 and 14 years will receive high quality supervised group-based orchestral instrument tuition. Based in Otara, the core programme involves children from 24 primary, intermediate and secondary schools (Deciles 1-3). Students are taught by specialist musicians and educators in/after school and in the school holidays.  The key offering is positive behavioural modelling in a stimulating, supportive and well managed learning environment where each child can thrive. The children participate in lessons where positive group dynamics, cooperative behaviour and collective learning are actively promoted. 

Dr Stephen  Hoadley "Trump and New Zealand"

NOVEMBER 2017  Main Speaker:    Dr Stephen Hoadley "Trump & New Zealand"         

US President Donald Trump is impulsive, unpredictable and, some would say, outrageous. So how will the new Labour-led Government of New Zealand and New Zealanders in general, cope with his style of leadership? Is Trump leading us into strife with North Korea? Will Trump’s ‘America first’ policies cede Asia-Pacific regional leadership to China? Will New Zealand suffer or benefit? Auckland University Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley has been studying NZ-US relations for four decades. Last November he published a book on the subject entitled New Zealand United States Relations.