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Mainly Classical Music 2014

November 2014 Main meeting presentation made by the group.



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The focus of our July 2014 meeting was on the classical guitar.  We watched  excerpts from a 2003 DVD entitled  Julian Bream - My life in music.   Julian, an English guitar master, has been responsible for much of the  upsurge in interest in both lute music and the music of the Elizabethan  era.   Then we were privileged to meet a young musical student who has  been studying guitar for 4 years.   She showed us fingering, and chord  structure and talked about being part of Michael Chan‒s group of young  musicians who were chosen to play as part of the 50 years celebration of the Beatles visit to New Zealand.  Then the tables were turned, and we  were given (for most of us) our first lessons in playing a guitar.                                                     As  the following pictures show, it required great concentration hard to read both the music and focus on the strings when you wear  bifocals!  Some members found sticking their tongues out the corner of  their mouths (in the way of young children) helped enormously with the  concentration. photos by Sheryl Coyle

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