• Active Travellers

4th Tuesday 10am


• Ancient Civilisations

2nd Tuesdays 10am


• Anthropology

1st Friday 10am


• Archaeology

3rd Monday 1.30pm


• Art Pot Pourri

2nd Tuesday 2pm


• Art History and Appreciation

2nd Thursday 1.30pm


• Book Group

3rd Friday 1.30pm


• Classical Music

1st Friday 10am


• China Past and Present

4th Monday 1.30pm


• Creative Audio Visual

1st Thursday 1.30pm


• Creative Writing

4th Thursday 1.30pm


• Current Affairs

2nd Thursday 10am


• Cycling

1st Wednesday 10am


• Exploring Art for Fun

3rd Thursday 10am


• Film Appreciation

3rd Friday 10am


• Finacial Matters

3rd Wednesday 1.30pm


• Franηais Pour Rire

4th Monday 10am


• History of Europe

3rd Thursday 10.00am


• Inventions - Inventors

3rd Tues 1.30pm


• Literature

2nd Friday 10am


• Local History

2nd Monday 10am


• Mah Jong

3rd Tuesday 1.30pm


• Making History

1st Thursday 10am


• Medical Science and History

1st Thursday at 10am


• Modern History

3rd Wednesday 9.30am


• Music Appreciation & History

3rd Tuesday 10am


• Music Mainly Classical

1st Monday 1.30pm


4th Thursday, 10am


• Play Reading

4th Tuesday 2.00pm


• Renaissance

4th Friday 10am


• Travel

4th Wednesday 10am


• Walking to Activate the Mind!

2nd & 4th Fridays 9.30am


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Browns Bay-2

There are many dramatic pictures to be captured in Browns Bay. The cliffs are a case in point at each end of the beach. Looking south towards the southern cliff on the right.

Browns Bay-3

Through the trees are the Southern cliffs.

Browns Bay-15

The same Cliff view further back looking over the shops. Note from here the houses on the top can be seen.





Browns Bay-1

A view looking North with Browns Bay on the left. There are various walkways at each end of the beach where one can get views of Browns Bay beach from the cliff tops. This photo is from the top of Beachwood Road and there is a lovely walk from here onto Rothesay Bay and even further south for those who want to take in the seaward and beach views.

Sunday Market

Browns Bay-12

Always an nice friendly atmosphere with fresh produce, shoes, crafts, home made preserves, locally grown  specialty products, plants, preserves  and secondhand goods.

Browns Bay-13








1st am


Main meeting


Making History






Medical Science & History

Classical Music








Music – Mainly Classical

Committee Meeting


Creative Audio Visual  




















2nd am

Local History

Ancient Civilisations


Current Affairs







Walking *









Art Potpourri


Art History and Appreciation




















3rd am


Music Appreciation & History

Modern History

Exploring Art for Fun

Film Appreciation





History of Europe










Inventors & Inventions

Financial Matters


Book Group



Mah Jong
















4th am

Franηais Pour Rire

Active Travellers


Patterns, Paradoxes & Puzzles

The Renaissance






Walking *








China Past & Present

Play reading


Creative Writing














U3A Browns Bay Special Interest Group Schedule

* = more than one meeting a month