Franšais Pour Rire   by Fay Weatherly

Franšais pour Rire (French for Fun) has been a very active group since its inception in 2006.  The group about 20 strong, meets monthly in the Sherwood Room at the East Coast Bays Community Centre.

As we arrive, we discuss, in French, what happened last week and the parking problems we have had this morning!

A new verb is introduced with its idiomatic uses – usually as a quiz or game.

Our “research at home question” is then answered and another one set.  eg. “Why does the city of Nţmes have, on its coat of arms, a crocodile chained to a palm tree?”

Using the internet, interesting items from “Paris Match” or “Le Figaro” are produced for us to translate.  Up to date French can be a struggle for us but is so worthwhile.

Sometimes we have a song such as “Douce France” or “Chevaliers de la Table Ronde”.

Finally a member speaks on French life or culture.  Learning a language without reference to its culture is a dead exercise.  Language and culture go hand in hand. 

In July we celebrate Bastille Day and everyone brings food with a French or European flavour.  A highlight of our year occurs in December when we go out for lunch to a nice cafe

As the group’s name suggests, we aim to have fun while learning. 


Group Meeting May 2014

French Group April 2014

At our May meeting, shows some of the group having a conversation in French.  The photo below shows three of us with a fun french exercise of word pairing. Photos by Fay Weatherley

Franšais Pour Rire


Photos from previous group functions





Christmas Lunch November 2014

French Group 2014-11-a

Group member said. “Not really inspiring to look at - but great food!”

French Group 2014-11-b



April 2016



This group has fun and enjoys themselves, despite what the photo seems to portray. Group is working on a word puzzle  photos by Cecily Harper.