Digital TV as it relates to mainly Auckland

This page is a growing resource for those who need information on the changes to the TV signals. The questionnaire below highlights how complicated the issue is but is an easy help guide.

 At the end of 2015, the whole of New Zealand Television became totally digital.   The old analogue system is being closed down. If your aerial is large with arms that extend to about 1 metre and you have an old tube TV, then this analogue broadcasting service will cease and you will not get any TV signals.  If you have a New flat screen TV, then despite the aerial size you may be already connected to the new Freeview HD Digital service via the smaller arms on the aerial. However some older flat screen TV's do not have digital tuners. Some checking will be needed to see it the set has a digital tuner in addition to its existing analogue tuner  Some of you may be already connected to Sky or Freeview or Tivo, or Telstra Clear via an additional set top box plugged into any type of TV.  If so you do not need to buy a new TV set.  At our March 2013 meeting, Sam Cummins, Senior Community Advisor for Going Digital will be speaking briefly to us and answering questions.  Dont panic as those with the old analogue technology have still two years to convert or adapt. 


Moving from Analogue TV to Digital TV Members Questionnaire
These questions need to be answered by U3A members to find if this will affect them..
1. What type of aerial do you receive you TV signals on now? 
  a. Roof aerial with long 1 metre arms                   (You will need help to convert)
  b. Roof aerial with only short horzontal arms   (You may be OK but it will depend on your situation)
  c. Satellite dish   (You will be connected to SKY or FREEVIEW.  Already Digitally Connected You are OK)

2. What type of TV do you have.
  a. Old Tube type TV   (You will need help choosing the Digital service to suit your needs. Consider a TV replacement.)
  b. Older Flatscreen:Plasma, Older LCD or Projector    (You will need a Digital set top box)
  c. New Flatscreen Plasma. New LCD or New LED   (You will be already connected to a digital service if its yes to 1b or 1c.)

3.  There are existing and new platforms for delivering Digital TV either by a set top box, or an alternative Digital source / Digital tuner in TV set.
  a. HD TV Terrestrial (small aerial)
  b Satellite TV: SKY (Pay to view), Freeview, Optus D2 (Religious and Foreign language service)
  c Igloo Set top box. New in midyear 2012: Terrestrial service  SD (Standard Definition) Pay to view.
  d. Tivo Internet HD Box Needs broadband connection as well.

  e. Internet TV (needs broadband) needs package with large data capability. (Not viable as yet)

NOTE You may be in a poor signal area.  Check with your neighbours and ask them what they use. If you are in a hollow and have had bad pictures on TV1 for years then you may have to choose a satellite service. However even then, a satellite dish, has to have a clear view of the sky mid NW magnetic . 

4.  There are advances in TV viewing sets as well with the prices dropping on the estabilished technologies.
  a. Plasma TV's
  b. LCD TV's
  c. LED / LCD TV's
  d. OLED and 4K TV's (Very slim models)
  e. 3D TV's
  f.  TV's with internet connectivity eg emails, web browsing, Google searching and Youtube players.
  g.  TV's with no remote only talk commands.
  h.  Computer Plugin tuner modules for viewing TV on Computer screens


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